Corporate Social

Our Range of Solutions

Craft your CSR strategy by aligning it with your products, stakeholders, target audience, and goals. We delve into the study, analysis, and reporting of your CSR activities’ Return on Investment. Our offerings include tailored CSR initiatives and their precise implementation to ensure maximum exposure and impact.


We design your CSR strategy to align with your products, stakeholders, target audience, and goals for a purpose-driven approach.


Our offerings include customized CSR initiatives that match your organization’s unique mission and values.


We analyze your CSR activities’ Return on Investment (ROI), providing valuable data to enhance your CSR strategy’s impact.


We ensure precise implementation of your CSR initiatives to maximize exposure and real-world impact.

CSR Consultancy & Management

We create CSR strategies, plan and execute programs, and build partnerships in line with Qatar National Vision 2030.

CSR Reporting & Publishing

We create and publish annual CSR reports, awards, and books showcasing governmental and private institutions’ achievements in CSR and sustainability.

Assessment, Vetting & Screening

We conduct CSR assessment, evaluate social impact, offer reputation benchmarking, sentiment analysis and media monitoring, and ROI measurement following international standards, in partnership with Reputell™.

ESG Advisory

We provide Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) management, including due diligence, strategy implementation, benchmarking, analysis, and reporting through our partner Sustainable Square.

Empowerment & Innovation Platforms

We launch digital platforms for your empowerment and innovation programs with just a few easy steps through our partner, Potential.